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Book a new client colonic and get a free compression session with your next colonic visit.

Colon Hydrotherapy

colonics bed
colonics bed

Safe & Effective Cleanse: Experience the Angel of Water Colonics.

Colonics Pricing

Colonics bed

First Time Colonics 


90 min Consultation & Colonic


Includes your initial consult and first colonic hydrotherapy session.

Follow Up Session


Repeat Colonic Sessions


Includes your single repeat sessions after your initial appointment.



1 Session per month


Includes one colonic hydrotherapy session per month with unlimited additional sessions for just $105 each.

The process

1. Hydration
2. Activation
3. Evacuation


Goal: Soften and loosen waste material in the colon.

Action: Warm water (typically between 99°F and 103°F) is gently introduced into the colon.

Benefits: The warm water helps break down and soften stool, making it easier to pass during the evacuation stage.


Goal: Stimulate the colon's natural peristalsis (muscle contractions) to move waste material.

Action: The flow of warm water can trigger peristaltic contractions, aiding in the movement of softened waste.

Client Control: In our angel of water bed, you have control over the water flow, allowing them to adjust the stimulation level.


Goal: Eliminate softened waste material from the colon.

Action: The softened waste and water mixture naturally exits the colon through the rectum.

Client Comfort: Ergonomic basins and post-treatment rinsing facilities aim to ensure client comfort during and after evacuation. We aim to give clients comfort, privacy and a clean and fresh feeling.

How  do we help you?

Experience a comfortable and effective colon cleanse at Wellness@Wilston with our advanced Angel of Waters system. This innovative technology prioritises your safety and well-being throughout the entire process.



  • Please discuss your goals and health history with our experienced practitioners to determine whether a colonic is right for you.

What to expect during your session:

1. Preparation and Set-up:

  • Temperature-Controlled Comfort: Our Angel of Waters system utilises precisely controlled water, ensuring a gentle cleanse with temperatures between 37°F and 39°F for optimal comfort.

  • Relax and Release: We provide a comfortable and private environment with a specially designed ergonomic basin and backrest so you can relax and unwind during your session.

2. Treatment Process:

Guided Experience: A trained colonic expert will be present throughout your session to guide you through the process, answer any questions, and ensure your comfort.

  • You're in Control: Our system prioritises client control. You have complete control over the water flow with an easy-to-use on/off switch, allowing you to adjust the experience to your comfort level.

  • Safety First: The Angel of Waters system incorporates advanced safety features, including a backflow prevention valve, to ensure a hygienic and worry-free experience. Everything in our colonic rooms is disposable. 

3. Client Comfort and Aftercare:

  • Gentle Gravity-Fed Cleanse: The Angel of Waters technology utilises a gravity-fed system for a gentle and effective cleanse.

  • Your Time, Your Pace: You can stop the procedure at any time for complete control over the session duration.

  • Comfortable Elimination and Cleansing: The ergonomic basin design facilitates a comfortable elimination process after the treatment. Additionally, a basin sprayer with tempered water is available for easy rinsing.

Rest: Following your colonic, your body is detoxified and may require extra rest. We recommend taking it easy and allowing your body to adjust.

Dietary Adjustments: We'll work with you to develop a personalised post-colonic diet plan focusing on easily digestible foods rich in nutrients. This plan may incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and probiotics to support gut health and nutrient absorption.

Gut Health Support: We may recommend additional supplements or probiotics to promote a healthy gut microbiome further. A balanced gut microbiome is essential for optimal digestion, immune function, and overall well-being.

Long-Term Support: Our post-care plan goes beyond immediate recovery. We'll provide ongoing guidance and resources to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and digestive system. This may include recommendations for maintaining proper hydration, dietary habits, and stress management techniques.

Colonic Process

What to Expect?

At Wellness @ Wilston, we use the Angel of Water, the highest performing medical system of colon hydrotherapy in the world market at the present time. It is a TGA-approved (Therapeutic Goods Act-Australia) medical device and was patented by FDA (Federal Drugs Administration-USA). It was approved as Class 1 regarding the medical equipment used in colon cleansing.


Angel of Water therapy is non-invasive and secure. It is considered it’s the world’s premier gravity-fed ‘open’ designed system not like the old fashion "closed" system and the only triple filtration open system that offers the safest, simplest and most effective solution available.


It is a controlled method of cleansing the colon using a gentle, gravity-fed flow of water. The water is infused gently into the colon by a sterilized, disposable rectal nozzle that is about the size of a pencil which only the tip is inserted.


As a result, the compacted waste that has accumulated in the colon over weeks, months, or years of toxic exposure is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis.


Clients enjoy a comfortable ‘lounge’ experience in privacy and dignity, throughout their 35-minute session. The Angel of Water machine means that you can have absolute privacy and we don't need to 'watch' or 'help' you in any way. This makes it a more relaxing and comfortable experience than other places where it is manually done or someone watches as you evacuate your bowels.

Pre Colonic Session

  • Eat protein and healthy fat 2 hours prior to your session- so that your blood sugars are stable during the treatment.

  • Hydrate with at least 250ml of water prior to your session

  • On your first visit, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment time to allow for a proper consultation and for you to be well informed.

  • Please know that appointments are set up back to back with a small amount of time in between to clean and prep for the next client.

  • We ask you to please arrive on time for your appointments so you get the best value for your payment. If you arrive late, we will end your treatment on time, though the treatment fee will remain unchanged.

Post Colonic Session

  • We recommend you eat warm foods that are easy digestible for eg soup, stew or mild curry.

  • It's normal not to have a bowel movement for up to 48 hours after your colonic.

  • If you need to pass wind please be mindful to be close to the toilet! Don't trust them today as you have absorbed water into the colon.

  • Usually after your first colonic you have a very nourishing/healing sleep so listen and honour your bodies signs and keep the lights low after dark and get to bed when your body tells you. Our clients say they have the best sleeps after colonics.

  • Place all used materials in the bin provided in your room. We will remove this during our cleaning/sanitation process.

What to wear

  • During the session, you will be left in the privacy of your own room to disrobe from the waist down. Some people wear active wear for the ease of taking the bottoms off but keeping your top on.

  • We keep the rooms very cool so if you hate the cold we suggest to bring a jumper with you. We can also offer you a heat pack shouldyou require it.

  • You will be given a disposable sheet to cover yourself with.

  • Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended after your session.

Consultation with client


Talk to staff about the following:

  • Severe anemia

  • Severe Haemorrhoids or if they are bleeding 

  • Rectal bleeding (if it is small bright red blood on toilet paper its generally ok its not great if dark blood comes out in the stool).

wellness clinic

Intestinal Perforations

  • Colon cancer

  • Renal Insufficiencies

  • Dialysis

  • Cardiac Condition

  • Acute Liver Failure

  • Aneurysm

  • Active Diverticulitis

  • Haemorrhaging

  • Lupus

  • Fissures and Fistulas

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure.

  • Severe Cardiac Disease

  • Active Chrohns/colitis disease

  • Abdominal surgery after 12 weeks is fine

Benefits of Open System Colonics in Wellness @ Wilston

Our state-of-the-art Angel of Water colonics machine is a safe and effective method of removing toxins from the large intestines by administering gravity-fed triple filtered water into the colon so the client can release themselves, like they are doing a normal bowel movement at home all without the use of drugs. The colon is the large intestine that absorbs water and salts from waste materials that have moved through our waste systems. Bacteria in the colon breaks down the remaining materials which then exit the body through the rectum and anus. Colon hydrotherapy has been practiced for centuries with the earliest records of basic enemas dating back to 1500 B.C in ancient Egypt.

Relief from constipation/IBS

A healthy colon will move this waste out through natural peristalsis 2-4 times a day, but sadly, the average person has less than two bowel movements daily. When this occurs, and the colon is not functioning as nature intended, then these toxins can then be absorbed into your bloodstream and can lead to self-poisoning, which negatively affects your physical, mental and emotional health, leading to severe weight and health problems.

Improves Digestion

The typical Australian diet consists of high fat, low fibre, refined sugar, processed food high in preservatives, and toxic chemical additives. As these foods move through the colon, fluids are absorbed during the digestive process, and the remaining waste hardens and clings to the colon walls, where it decomposes. Colon Hydrotherapy can help to ease an extensive range of digestive complaints, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating, by cleaning out these toxins and removing the harmful bacteria that flourish as a result of impacted waste in the colon.

Decrease Stress and Anxiety

It makes sense to think about the fact that if our gut (our second brain) is out of balance then our emotions and mood can be as well. There is a very between the good and bad bacteria in our gut through colonics it can help to boost your mood and create a sense of emotional wellbeing.

Assists in Weight Loss

Many of us at any one time can have between 5 and 7kgs of waste sitting in our waste elimination pathways. If this is not continually passing out then bloating and extra weight is very possible. By cleaning out the waste impacting our colons, it is very likely there will be a weight loss (especially for those with decent build ups) plus elimination of any bloating that may contribute to concerns.


Monthly Session

Each membership unlocks one wellness session per month so you can prioritise your self-care and health each month.

No Long Contracts

We do not want to lock you into a long term contract. Our minimum is only three month's so you can have flexibility.

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