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Our team culture at Wellness @ Wilston is one of warmth, kindness, and inclusion. What sets us apart is our commitment to training/education and our passion for helping our clients achieve their health goals. We are very much a human service industry and we go the extra mile for our clients.


You will find us to be professional, knowledgeable, caring, and respectful. Your privacy and confidentiality are of the highest priority. We consistently maintain a very high standard in everything we do. Our clinic is a clean, comfortable, and welcoming space where you can relax and explore a range of wellness modalities. Though colonics are our primary service, we also offer far infrared sauna therapy as a logical complement for detoxing. Cryotherapy and compression is more aimed at weight loss, recovery and chronic pain.


All of our services are aimed at empowering our clients. We want you to better understand your body and how we can help you to look and feel better every day.


We hope you will drop by for a visit so we can introduce you to our colonic lounges without any feeling of obligation to proceed.


Team W@W

We provide the safest and most advanced wellness solutions to our clients using modern Equipment and trained staffs in Brisbane. 

Wellness @ Wilston is more than just a health clinic—it's a place of healing and holistic care.

The clinic is known for its peaceful atmosphere, customised treatments detox protocols, and a team of caring health professionals. It offers various body therapies, all designed to meet the specific needs of each client. At the heart of its practice is the 'Level'd Up Method' our own naturopathic supplement range,  and internal shred challenge which is a heavy metal, parasite, sibo and candida cleanse that we send out globally to clients who can't make it into our clinic. It aims at targeting the underlying causes of illnesses to bring about lasting change for individuals dealing with chronic health issues or for those looking to enhance their health.

Our Story

Peaceful and happy place

Meet The Therapist


Having overcome an 8.5-year chronic illness using the healing modalities and methods available at ‘Wellness @ Wilston’,

I was inspired to establish this holistic space to share my transformative experiences with others so they too can experience the power of holistic health.


More than a clinic, ‘Wellness @ Wilston’ is a testament to the power of holistic health, embodying practices that were pivotal in my own recovery and instrumental to developing a passion in this field. This passion birthed the ‘Level'd Up Method’, ‘Internal Shred Challenge,’ and the ‘Healing Humanity Foundation’, showcasing the magic of a holistic health approach. I firmly believe in the body's ability to heal in the right environment - think about who heals a cut, your body!


As a best-selling author and recipient of prestigious awards and accolades, such as: ‘Best Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic QLD’ and the ‘Bricks and Mortar Business of the Year 2023’, my commitment and dedication to health and wellness is deeply rooted in a desire to bring about a genuine and lasting change to our client’s lives.


Therapist Anna Tim

Business Values 

What does Wellness @ Wilston stand for? 



  • We listen to our clients' stories and symptoms and listen for the cues of how we can help them.

  • We take our clients through a thorough consultation to delve deeper to find the right solution and allow them to heal through the exploration of their health journey. 

  • We show our clients love, empathy & compassion so they feel valued and heard and a part of our family and put clients mind at ease no matter what they’ve been through.

  • We show our clients love, empathy and compassion by making them feel welcome every time they walk into the clinic.

  • We take care of ourselves first, putting our health first by using the services and testing the products.


  • We uphold our integrity by doing the best thing for the individual, not over prescribing or over selling. 

  • We show integrity for our team by having the initiative to get in and get the job done.

  • We have integrity with our cleanliness and hygiene by double checking our work to ensure the highest integrity of our service. 

  • We show our integrity by dressing respectively and endeavor to be a picture of health to our clients.

  • We create choice for our clients by giving options on how to heal their bodies and feel really well quickly.

  • We follow up with each client to check in on their progress and pass on to Anna if they have concerns/questions.

  • We offer state of the art equipment at affordable prices for everyone.


We are passionate about health and about how we help our clients transform their health.

  • We bring energy into the clinic and give hope and guidance to all clients for what’s possible.  

  • We uphold our value of health by being fully trained and accredited practitioners to ensure state of the art services eg, TGA & IACC Certified. 

  • We share up to date modalities for the ultimate in biohacking our health such as our triple filtration system for our colonics to ensure the highest standard of treatment. 

  • We stock quality products that we have tried and tested for the best health outcomes.


  • We offer creating a welcoming enjoyable experience for everyone by holding a high standard of cleanliness and ensuring a calming environment with our filtered water and living plants. 

  • We ensure all clients are welcomed by being prepared, on time and ensure they do not wait in the waiting room for too long. 

  • We create a safe and supportive environment. 

  • We bring high energy into the clinic to ensure a positive environment.

  • We’re collaborative with other local businesses and suppliers, always encouraging clients to use other businesses in the community.

  • We source locally developed and owned products where we can.

  • We communicate clearly and compassionately. 

  • We create a vibrant, light and welcoming environment with beautiful scents and feel.

  • We create a family environment by helping each other in times of need.

Words that represent WELLNESS @ WILSTON

Health - Honesty - Clean - Hygienic - Connection - On-time - Customer Service - Classy

Safe Environment - Private - Communication - Wellness - Friendly - Professionalism - High Energy - High Vibrational/Frequency - Safe & Comfortable - Respect - Appreciated

What We Value:
You And Your Health

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