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Unfortunately, we live in a polluted world where there is a direct correlation between external toxicity of food, air and water and internal toxicity of blood, tissues and cellular fluids. These toxic conditions become breeding grounds for disease and degeneration.

Colon Hydrotherapy

At Wellness @ Wilston, we use the Angel of Water, the highest performing medical system of colon hydrotherapy on the world market at the present time. Angel of Water therapy is non-invasive and secure. It is considered it’s the world’s premier gravity-fed ‘open’ designed system and the only triple filtration open system that offers the safest, simplest and most effective solution available.

Open System Colonics

At Wellness @ Wilston, we offer the ‘open system colonic’ which is a gentle, self-administered procedure where you are in complete control and enjoy total privacy for your visit.

Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Detox your body while you relax in cosy comfort in our far infrared (FIR) sauna.  The sauna heats the body so that you sweat and your toxins are released through the body through this moisture. FIR-induced sweat produces up to 7 times more toxins, fats and impurities than regular sweat and the FIR heat is very restorative to the body.

Lymphatic Compression  Massage

The compression system pulses up the limbs, squeezing pain-causing fluid & lactic acid out of them, with the limbs then receiving fresh blood to stimulate recovery. Additionally, they enhance circulation in the body via the same mechanism.

Whole Body

Cryotherapy, aka cold therapy, is an increasing popular therapy that provides a variety of Wellness benefits.  This releases endorphins which make you feel happy and give you a general feeling of well-being, it also assists in reducing pain and inflammation.

Important Information

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