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Open System Colonics

Open System Colonics

At Wellness @ Wilston, we offer the ‘open system colonic’ which is a gentle, self-administered procedure where you are in complete control and enjoy total privacy for your visit. The Angel of Water colonic lounges our clients use are comfortable, safe and completely and thoroughly sanitised with hospital grade solution after every use.

On your first visit, we spend the first thirty minutes consulting with you about your general health, your bowel habits, diet, exercise and any concerns you may have. We explain to you the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and then take you through the use of the machine in the suite where you will spend your session. You’ll find our rooms to be very pleasant, with their own hand basins, wall-mounted TVs, dim lighting, extractor fans and all you will need to enjoy a sanitary and relaxing experience.

The open system colonic is performed without an accompanying therapist. We are only moments away should you need any assistance or have questions and there is a doorbell right next to you to call.

Your therapist will show you how to position yourself on the colonic lounge and explain how to insert the single-use, disposable nozzle into your rectum. You will learn how to adjust the water temperature, flush the system and, after your session, clean yourself before getting dressed.

The Angel of Water system is gravity fed. Triple filtration warm water slowly fills your colon and throughout the session, you will feel the sensation to have a bowel movement we simple want you to gentle push as you would when eliminating. You will expel the matter from your bowels and be able to watch it travel through the closed, backlit piping which transits it to the sewerage system of the building, just like a toilet.

Colonic clients love to see what they are releasing as it’s quite an analogy to releasing the stresses, worries and fears we carry with us on a daily basis. As you are on your own in the colonic room, there is no need to feel embarrassed about any sounds, odours or visuals, but of course, if anything concerns you, our caring staff are on hand to attend.

Your session will last for 35 minutes, at which time we will knock on the door before entering to have a quick chat and help you switch to the personal hygiene phase. Once you are dressed, we will discuss your colonic with you and answer any questions you may have.

The open system colonic is especially valued by clients who may feel too self-conscious to have an operator in the room with them throughout the session, as with the closed system colonic. Our Angel of Water colonic lounges offer quite a day spa experience, only instead of your outer body being cleansed, it’s your insides being beautifully cleansed.

For best results, we always recommend a course of colonics. Regular cleansing of your colon is the best way to eliminate waste matter and exercise your intestinal muscles (peristalsis is the muscular contractions that move food along the digestive tract and out of the body).

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