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Though our world is a truly beautiful place, we know that, sadly, it is over-populated.

Unfortunately, we live in a polluted world where there is a direct correlation between external toxicity of food, air and water and internal toxicity of blood, tissues and cellular fluids. These toxic conditions become breeding grounds for disease and degeneration.

‘Incurable’ chronic disease often disappears once toxic chemicals are eliminated as toxaemia is at the underlying cause of most diseases. As such, detoxing the body has become a prominent treatment as people become more aware of our environmental pollution.

By first ensuring our detox pathways are gently open with colon hydrotherapy and infrared sauna, we are assisting the body to remove these accumulated toxins. In addition to age-reducing effects, you will feel a sense of renewed energy and vitality, relief from bloating and constipation, you will notice improved digestive function, glowing skin and clear eyes, easier weight management, improved circulation, enhanced immunity and a more relaxed and positive state of mind.

5 Day Cleanse Reset


This 5-day cleanse is designed to ‘reset’ your health and vitality! The cleanse includes 5 colonics, 5 far infrared sauna sessions, 2 Lymphatic Compressions, herbal parasite cleanse and probiotics. This package is ideally used within a 1 to 2 week window to achieve a thorough cleanse and reset

Add a liquid Cleanse to this which includes Juices, Stocks, Smoothies and Soup for the whole 5 days and you will be completing the same cleanse they do on the Tony Robbins Life mastery Cleanse! Ask in store for price and details.

Detox Package 


  • 5 colonics
  • 5 far infrared sauna sessions
  • 5 chi energizer massages
  • Herbal parasite cleanse
  • Probiotics.

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