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Discover the detox package at Wellness @ Wilston in Brisbane with Colonics

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At Wellness @ Wilston, we believe in the transformative power of alternative therapies. Our Brisbane clinic offers a journey of rejuvenation and relaxation that caters to every individual's need for healing and well-being. Join us as we take you through a day at our clinic, exploring our carefully chosen treatments designed to uplift your body and spirit.

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A Chilly Start with Cryotherapy

Begin your wellness journey with the invigorating experience of cryotherapy. Our state-of-the-art cryo chamber is designed to awaken your senses and kick-start your body's natural healing processes. In just a few minutes of exposure to the cold, you'll feel a surge of endorphins, leaving you refreshed and energized.


Healing sleep with Lymphatic Compression

Flow seamlessly into our lymphatic compression therapy, where we aim to enhance your body’s circulation and promote detoxification. Our specialized equipment gently compresses your limbs, supporting the lymphatic system in its vital role of maintaining a healthy immune response and reducing inflammation.


Deep Internal Cleansing and detox with Colonics

We take pride in offering colonic hydrotherapy that respects your body's delicate balance. Our trained therapists ensure a safe, hygienic, and comfortable experience, using filtered water to cleanse your colon thoroughly. This process is not just about purification; it's about giving you a foundation for optimal digestive health and detoxing with colonics.


Warming Down with Far Infrared Sauna

Complete your visit with our far infrared sauna, where you can relax as the soothing warmth penetrates deep into your muscles, easing tension and helping your body to rid itself of impurities. This gentle heat therapy is the perfect way to unwind after the stimulating therapies of the day.

Wrapping Up the Wellness Journey

At Wellness @ Wilston, every therapy is an invitation to experience a new level of health and vitality. Our clinic is a sanctuary where time slows down, and healing begins. We are dedicated to providing you with a holistic path to wellness, one that embraces innovative treatments within a nurturing environment.

Save 14% with "The Work Package" at $299.

The package includes:

  • Cryotherapy (15 mins)

  • Compression Therapy (30 mins)

  • Colonic irrigation (1 hrs)

  • Far infrared sauna (35 mins)

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